Following the gradual abolition of the traffic restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic on 04/05/2020, DECUS – Consultants and Engineers restarted its normal business activity, following strictly the safety rules applied in the workplace.

In a sense of social and individual responsibility towards its executives, associates and customers and in an effort to contribute to the defense of public health against the pandemic of COVID-19 that affects the country, DECUS – Consultants and Engineers proceeded in preventive remote work, since 18/03/2020.

During this period, the communication with the company will be carried out exclusively through emails, telephone and teleconferencing, until further notice. We would like to thank you all and we hope that we will all soon return safe to our daily routine.

The proposal for the CROWMAG Research Project (Novel Coating Materials for Corrosion Protection of Sewer Network Pipes) was approved on 27/11/2017, submitted under Intervention Act II “Business Partnerships with Research Organizations” of the First Round of the Program for Research, Technological Development & Innovation “INVESTIGATE – CREATE – INNOVATE”, in which DECUS Consulting Engineers participates as a partner with GRECIAN MAGNESITES SA, the Department of Chemistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Department of Food Technology of Alexander Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki. CROWMAG is a research project that aims to address the corrosion phenomena of existing and new wastewater pipelines. Sewage networks often have problems due to corrosion caused by the presence of hydrogen sulphide in liquid waste, which can lead to significant economic costs and can lead to significant pollution of the subsoil and groundwater in general. The project proposes research on the development of innovative products based on magnesium hydroxide and magnesia to coat the internal sewage pipes that will work anti-corrosion, deodorants and antiseptics to address erosion problems. The project will last for three years and its total budget amounts to € 654,911.30.

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