DECUS aims mainly in providing high level consulting services and developing innovative solutions in issues of environmental, quality and energy management.

Everyone in DECUS and our associates:

  • Are committed to provide quality services of high added value, which meet our customers’ demands, comply fully with the relevant regulative requirements and promote sustainable development, research and innovation
  • Create mutual trust relationships with our customers, who we always treat with honesty, respect and cooperation spirit
  • Seek the best solutions, adjusted to the specificities of each client, targeting to the maximization of our services’ added value to the client.
  • Try to improve our services constantly and not rest on our success
  • Believe that distinction and success are the result of hard and methodical work, as well as of contemporary and rational approach of the problems
  • Integrate research and development daily in our operation, as an integral ingredient of success and investment for the future. In the same direction, we also promote the development of innovative services, the development of modern scientific fields, the use of specialized software and our participation in meetings/conventions not only in the national, but also in the international business environment